Ways to Donate

Three ways to make your donation to the receiving charity

Online Donation

Making your donation through our online platform is simple and easy thanks to our friends at Grapevine. Click here to set up your donation. Please note Grapevine does not charge any platform fees however their payment processor charges the standard credit card fee of 2.2% + 30ยข per donation (3.5% for AmEx). For example – for a typical $100 donation your credit/debit card will be charged $102.56

Pay by check at our meetings

You may also make your donation by check at our quarterly meetings. We will ask you to make the check payable directly to the recipient charity when it is announced at our gathering and turn it in before you leave.

Mail your check

If you don’t use our online donation option or can’t attend a meeting, you can mail your check to the address listed below. The recipient charity will be announced on our website and other social media platforms as they are enabled and we ask you to make the check payable directly to that charity. Checks may be mailed to

100 Neighbors Who Care, 38 Johnson Mill Road, Orrington, ME. 04474